Beast Breakers
Frequently Asked Questions

■ Before playing the game

Q. Is this game free?

Yes this you can play the game until the end for free.

Q.Do I need to always be connected to the internet to play this game?

No, you can complete the game without an internet connection.
Note: When connected to the internet the game will display in game advertisements, however the game will still run without a connection.

Q.I get a message "Your device is not supported" when I try to install.

If you get this message on the Google Play Store then it means your device or Android version is not currently supported.
Note: The game supports Android 2.3.1 and above.
Note: Even if you have the correct version of Android your device still may not be supported.

Q.If there is not enough free space to install.

Please make sure you have sufficiant space before you try to install.
Note: In addition to the game file extra space will be required for the game save files.

■If I update my device

Q.Can I transfer my save data to a new device?

Yes this is possible, backup and reset features have been implemented since version v1.2.0 of the game and is a standard feature of Android v4.0 and above.
Follow these steps to transfer your game to the new device, please be warned though that it is not possible to guarantee with 100% certainty that the migration will be successful.

Backup and Reset function guide.
(1) Make sure your old device is running Andrioid v4.0 or later.
(2) Install v1.2.0 on the old device(as a backup).
(3) Use your google account from your old device on the new device.
(4) The Android OS will automatically counduct a backup.
Note: The Backup and Restore function is automatically implemented. It is not possible for the player to manually do this.

Please be warned that it is not possible to guarantee with 100% certainty that the migration will be successful.

Note: If you want to back up the save data it is recommended you use an application that provides back up functionality
Note: For more detailed information about the backup and reset function please contact Google support.

■Game startup and behavoiour questions

Q.I'm seeing "Error/Turn Off USB Debugging" message and the game won't start.

In the OS setting set USB Debugging to OFF.

■Questions about billing items

Q.Are there items that need to be charged?

Yes, there are Breaker Points(BP) which are used to buy items in the game.
To help capture beasts and power up items you can spend BP.

Q.How do I buy BP?

Please use Google wallet for making purchases.
Note: For more information about Google Wallet please contact Google support.

Q.What is the reward ad/offer wall?

Using Tapjoy reward ads(Offer wall) it is possible to get free BP.
Tap the "GET FREE BP!" banner.
When it is displayed on the wall, you will recieve BP based on the conditions met.

Note: If the internet connection is bad it may take a while to recieve the BP.
Note: If you re-downlaod an app you have already downloaded you will not recieve BP again.
Note: For more detailed information please contact Tapjoy (

■ Multiplayer Questions

Q. What is "Pairing"?

This is how 2 bluethooth decvices "Connection Settings" are connected.
In other to play multiplayer you need to do the pairing in advace.

Q. How do I do the pairing?

In the multiplayer menu tap the "Bluetooth Setting" to performing the pairng.

Q. Host Player/Guest Player cannot be found.

It may fail if both players are more than 10m away from eachother, please move closer together.
Note: Connection stability vairies between devices and compatibilty between devies. Depending on the devices compatiblity the connection may drop often.

Q.Bluetooth connection drops often.

here may be a number reasons for the connection drop.
Note: Connection stability vairies between devices and compatibilty between devies. Depending on the devices compatiblity the connection may drop often.
If the connections drops often, try one of the following solutions:

(1) Try turning the Bluetooth off and on again.
(2) Try moving closer to the other player.
(3) Try to play in an environment where there is no obsruction between the players i.e a wall.
(4) Restart the device (both players).


Learn more about multiplayer that uses a Bluetooth. *** Click here for the iOS.


Q. What languages are supported?

The apllication supports 11 lanaguages.
(Languages: Indonesian, Spanish, Thai, Brazilian Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, English, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese)
You can change the language in the language menu.

Q. I cannot find the invitation finction.

From version 1.2.0 onwards the invation function is not available anoymore.

Q. Posting to bacebook from the SNS screen

For other apllication the message will be automatically filled in, however Facebook posts will be blank
You can copy and paste your own message and post it to facebook.

Q. The CG models appear to change?

Depending on the amount of memory available the app will vary the quaility of the CG displayed
If there is only a small amount of memory available, to make sure the application runs smoothly the quality of the CG will be reduced.
Note: Images and backgound and the UI will also be affected.

Q. The game is running slowly

Depening on the specs of the device the game may run slowly.
Also if you have many applications running at the same time it may effect the performance.
Please try restarting the device and see if this helps.

Q. Can you tell me about Stragety/Information about the voice actors/Characters/Setting?

Sorry we cannot tell you anything about these things other than what is already on the website.

Q. I am getting "Encoutered a problem and had to end Beast Breakers" message.

When the app becomes unstable the device will end it.
This will not occur most of the time, closing the app and restarting the device should fix it.
If the problem persists then it can be solved by re-installing the device and deleting the save data.

Receiving the inquiry only by e-mail.  When you send, please inform me of detailed information, such as a model and condition.
Depending on the contents of the question, time cannot be obtained in a reply, or a reply cannot be given.
Please understand the situation beforehand.
(JPN Standard Time Weekday: 10:00 - 17:00)